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Jay Gatsby: Pure Corruption Embodied in "The Great Gatsby"

Jay Gatsby: Pure Corruption Embodied

The story The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, takes place in the 1920's. It is the story of a man named Jay Gatsby who is on what he sees as a quest to recapture his former love Daisy Fay. Gatsby is a poor man who feels that he can win her back, if he acquires enough material wealth. He sees getting Daisy back as part of finally getting his American Dream. His whole life he has been chasing his American Dream of being happy. He was a corrupt man who saw only corrupt means to make his dream come true. Gatsby is not tricked by anyone into becoming corrupt, on the contrary, he willfully lets himself become corrupt all to achieve what he sees as the American Dream and finally become happy.

Gatsby, as a young man, believes that he can make his dreams come true and become great. The average American believes that you can achieve anything through hard work, Gatsby believes that he does not need to work hard, but only use people. Gatsby is born James Gatz to poor parents. He always thinks that he should have been born rich and "his imagination had never really accepted them as his parentsaE...

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