Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I cancel my member ship before the 30,90,180 days are up?
    Yes, you can cancel your 30 and 90 day membership before the time frame is up. There is no need to cancel your 180 day membership, at the end of the time period it will automatically expire.

  2. How much is a membership?
    Please visit our join page to view the membership plans we offer.

  3. What is recurring billing?
    Recurring billing works like a news paper subscription. You are billed each period until you no longer want the service.You can cancel your account at any time!

  4. Can I turn in a research paper in as my own?
    Absolutely not, turning in someone else's work as your own is unethical and against the law. Our sample college essays are for reference purposes only; for essay writing help.

  5. Are all research papers "A" quality?
    We have a wide range of research papers varying in all levels of writing skill.

  6. Will my credit card be re-billed after 30,90,180 days?
    30 and 90 day memberships will be rebilled unless you cancel your account before the rebilling date, there is no rebilling for 180 day memberships.

  7. What does a membership include?
    A membership includes single user access to our database of 160,000 student written sample college essays and research papers covering a large range of essay topics.

  8. If I print a research paper, will I be charged again?
    No, there is no fee for printing research papers. You are purchasing access to the database, not on a per paper basis.

  9. What can I use the research papers for?
    All research papers provided by Direct are for research and reference purposes only. You can use the sample college essays for essay writing help and for ideas for your own research papers.

  10. Do I need to have a membership to order a custom written research paper?
    No, a membership is not required to purchase a custom written research paper.

  11. Do all research papers come with bibliographies?
    Most research papers do, some do not.

  12. Why can't I log in?
    If you have purchased an account to access our sample college essays, you should have already chosen a Username and Password. If this username and password are not working, please fill out a tech support request form here or go here to request your username and password be emailed to you.