About Us

I came up with the idea for DirectEssays when I was in college studying engineering. I was a good student and getting mostly A’s, but whenever it came time to write an essay, I blanked. I was interested in engineering and designing things, but trying to compose something for a basic ed course in which I had little interest, always led to writer’s block. It was frustrating, and I spent hours devising ways to crank out a decent paper.

In my sophomore year, I began reading essays by successful students in my classes to see how they approached our writing assignments. I discovered that while reading their thesis statements, paragraph hooks, and bibliographies, I could begin forming ideas for my own paper. Using the essays of other students as points of reference allowed me to get more creative and to start writing with direction and from a solid resource foundation. In fact, papers that would normally take days to write were drafted and done in a few hours! I had found a way to beat writer's block, and in doing so, my work improved, and my grades went up.

With what I'd learned about writing, I decided to help other students with their assignments by launching a website stocked with an arsenal of resources. I collected dozens of donated essays and term papers, and because I needed assistance building the site, I organized a team of tech professionals to help get it up and running. The result is DirectEssays—one of the largest student essay databases on the web. And recently, to give even more writing support to students, I've implemented a DirectEssays editing service where our members can upload their work and have a professional editor proofread and provide detailed recommendations for improvement; every paper is critiqued for spelling, grammar, style, punctuation, and structure.

So I invite you to be a part of the DirectEssays writing community. I think you'll discover that beating writer's block is often as easy as collecting basic ideas from other students and then sitting down with those tools to write your own, completely original, high-quality essay.