Why JFK Was Assassinated
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A popular misconception is that President John F. Kennedy's assassination was an

isolated event perpetrated by one man. This could not be farther from the truth. Instead, it

was the result of a complex combination of domestic and foreign events. When President

Kennedy was in office, he had to deal with many issues, ranging from business and

finance to crime-fighting and war issues. Perhaps it is not as important to decide who it

was that killed him, but why. President Kennedy's decisions and courses of action were

not popular with everybody, and thus it is not surprising that his assassination was

The people who might have wanted John F. Kennedy dead can be classified into the

following groups: Russians, Cubans, Mobsters (Organized Crime/Mafia), Special Agents

(CIA), G-men (J. Edgar Hoover's FBI), Rednecks and Oilmen (Right-wing Extremists),

and the MIC (Military Industrial Complex). Each group had its own motives for killing

John F. Kennedy. Many of these groups that wanted JFK dead are very closely

intertwined, so in order to understand each group, they will each be analyzed seperately.

In order to better understand the relationship between JFK, the Cubans and Russians,

several important events must be mentioned and discussed. Two of the most important

foreign affairs in Kennedy's presidency were the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile

During Eisenhower's administration, Cuba was torn apart by revolution. The Cuban

dictator, Batista, was an extremely corrupt man. While he was enjoying a luxurious life,

the people of Cuba were in poverty. Thus it was not surprising when a rebellion, led by a

man named Fidel Castro, took place. Batista, knowing that the majority of Cuba wanted

him out, chose to flea rather than be caught and face execution. Once Batista was out of

the way, Cuba was Castro's for the taking.

One of the first actions Castro took while in charge of Cuba was to...

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