Importance of History

             History is important for numerous reasons.

             We share a common experience that binds us together.

             Our roots, which is basically our round .

             and where we come from. Society can build upon past accomplishments, and .

             it also helps us to speculate the future.

             The first, and most significant reason history is important is because .

             we learn from our mistakes. If there was no history then everyone would .

             make the same mistakes over and over. That is why it is very good for .

             someone of high rank in the United States Military to know a good sum of .

             history. They can review what their past commander's faults were and not .

             make the same mistakes over. As in any job, if you can evade any mistakes .

             you or someone else made in the past then you would run a more efficient .

             working place. An intelligent person would not make the mistakes .

             themselves but learn from other people's mistakes. For example, if my older .

             brother were to get burned by an iron, I would be very careful the next time .

             I use the iron, since I would have the same chances of getting burned if not .

             careful. .

             The second reason history is important is because we share a common .

             experience which binds us together as a country, society, and people. We an .

             relate with our neighbors, peers, or even someone off the street if we could .

             have the same cultural background, the reason is because we know where .

             the other person is coming from and essentially how their parents brought .

             them up. If we didn't have history than we would not have any thing to share .

             with one another. For example imagine if you didn't know where you came .

             from, who any one else was, or where they came from. You just know that .

             everyone was there when you got there. Then you would really have no .

             races or anything. You would just have "that's how that person looks and .

             that's it”. You don't know if your ancestors were related with that person. .

             The reason having races is important is because people tend to help out each .

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