The Advantages and Disadvantages of being Aggressive

            Aggressive Behavior Equals Many Rewards.

             A little boy in Eastern Oklahoma is riding a bicycle for the first time, when suddenly he falls to the ground. His father running behind him tells him to get up and not to cry. A little girl from the same city is playing on the playground at school; she falls out of the swing and scraps her knee. She cries for hours, while her mother tells her, "It will be okay.” From the time little boys are young they are taught to be tough, to withstand pain, and not to give in to anything. In today's society males are rewarded for aggressive and intimidating behavior. Intimidation takes place in many aspects of life, even though it is not always caused by aggressive behavior. .

             Athletic events always seem to reward males for aggressive and intimidating behavior. Football games are a great example of the kinds of rewards males receive for their aggressiveness. Coaches teach their players to be physical and tough, but two of the essential elements of football are aggressiveness and intimidation. Football is an aggressive sport in many ways; a ball carrier must attack the line of scrimmage aggressively, or he will be tackled in the backfield. Defensive players must be aggressive also, so that they can make tackles. .

             Basketball is another athletic event that rewards aggressive behavior. Although basketball seems harmless, it is a sport that requires a tremendous amount of aggressive behavior. When I was younger, before basketball game I would always get a pep talk from my dad. He would tell me to be aggressive and to take the ball inside. He always told me to play tough, work hard for rebound, play good defense, and when somebody came into the paint make them pay for it. Our basketball coaches in junior high taught us that when a player came inside the paint, knock them down and next time they would not be as eager to take the ball inside on us. When we would exhibit this behavior we would be rewarded with a pat on the back, a high five, and sometimes even a water break.

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