Rhetorical Review on Julius Caesar By William Shakespeare
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The styles of rhetoric used in Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, by Antony and Brutus

Brutus said in his speech that he assures any dear friend on Caesar's that his love for him

was no greater then their love. Brutus tried to convince the crowd thathe murdered Caesar for the

good of the country by stating that he loved Rome more then Caesar. He wanted the crowd to

think that he killed his best friend for their benefit, he was sure this would put him on better terms

with them. He then told all the Romans that if he did not slay Caesar, they would all be living as

slaves, so again, he did it for their benefit.

He then told the crowd of all Caesar's great qualities and then mentioned ambition, and

this is why he killed Caesar, it was because of his ambition. Brutus then asked questions which no

one in their right mind would answer out loud, for it would make them look like a traitor to the

country, so he waited for a reply, but they said none. So now he has them right where he wants

them. He assured himself he has offended no one. He ends the speech with assuring himself and

all Romans, again, that he did it for Rome.

Brutus was not professional about his speech, it showed lack of experience. His speech

was very different from Antony's because Brutus was not a professional public relations speaker

and his speech was defensive, he had to make up excuses for everything he did. He constantly had

to remind Romans, and hope they believe him, of his love for them and Rome.

Now Antony began his speech similarly. He then agreed with Brutus, about his ambition

being a grievous fault. He constantly stated all the great qualities of Caesar, and each time he

stated how Brutus is an honorable man. He is helping the crowd to realize how not honorable

Brutus was. Antony made the crowd miss Caesar, and they thought about how great a leader

He then weeped for Caesar, which made the cr...

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