The Stereotypes Placed Upon Men Today

             Both Scott Russell Sanders' Looking at Women and Herb Goldberg's In.

             Harness: The Male Condition discuss the idea of stereotypes of men in today's.

             society. There is a distinction however, in the ways the author views these.

             stereotypes. Scott Russell Sander's essay portrays men as sex-crazed animals.

             and uses the protagonist to illustrate men's use of derogatory terms of men's.

             views of women, and even the tittle, Looking at Women suggests that men see.

             women as something to look at. Sanders' essay builds on the stereotypes of.

             men by giving examples of men who fit these stereotypes. Goldberg, on the.

             other hand, believes that the stereotypes placed upon men today, restrain them,.

             and force them to follow a certain path in life blindly. He believes that men are.

             victims of the stereotypes of society, and spend their existence running from the.

             so called failure of being "outside of the norm”. These two essays discuss in.

             detail men's role in society, and the ways in which stereotypes affect men today. .

             The distinction between these two essays is in how the author views men;.

             whether they are the victims of stereotypes, or actually chauvinist pigs. .

             Scott Russell Sanders' essay, Looking at Women, shows that men are rude.

             and sexist in the ways they regard women. The first example Sanders uses to.

             portray this is when he was young and sees a highschool girl with a good body. .

             His friend refers to the girls body as if it were a car part. This sexist attitude.

             progresses as Sanders goes to college and looks at the centerfolds of Playboy.

             magazines and even comments on the way women's "humanity was severely.

             reduced” by such actions. Sanders believes that men look at women as objects.

             and make judgements on their being before even examining their personality or.

             spirituality. Sanders wants men to change. He wants men to appreciate.

             women's inner beauty as much as they appreciate a women's outer beauty. .

             Rather than seeing women as sex objects or Barbie dolls he wants men to.

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