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The Stereotypes Placed Upon Men Today

Both Scott Russell Sanders' Looking at Women and Herb Goldberg's In

Harness: The Male Condition discuss the idea of stereotypes of men in today's

society. There is a distinction however, in the ways the author views these

stereotypes. Scott Russell Sander's essay portrays men as sex-crazed animals

and uses the protagonist to illustrate men's use of derogatory terms of men's

views of women, and even the tittle, Looking at Women suggests that men see

women as something to look at. Sanders' essay builds on the stereotypes of

men by giving examples of men who fit these stereotypes. Goldberg, on the

other hand, believes that the stereotypes placed upon men today, restrain them,

and force them to follow a certain path in life blindly. He believes that men are

victims of the stereotypes of society, and spend their existence running from the

so called failure of being "outside of the normaE...

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