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History and Use of Psychics

Throughout history mankind has been using psychics for many different reasons,recently police agencies have called upon them for their services. Although the use of

psychics has varied through history they have shown to have very real and helpful powers.In the future the use of psychics will very likely become more accepted and used even more than they are presently. The assistance of psychics in police investigations has

increased dramatically in recent years, to the point where psychics have become almost a routine tool of investigation. A psychic is defined as a person that has any extra sensory

perception known as ESP. This power also known as parapsychology by scientists, is characterized as any experience in which an individual is able to sense what is going to happen in the future or about an event that has occurred that they have no mental

knowledge about prior to the vision.

Stories about supernatural solutions to crime or psychic powers date as far back as biblical times. One instance is the story about Saul and his servant sent to look for some livestock by his father. After three long days of looking the servant suggested that they ask the local "seer" or psychic for help. The psychic told them that if they waited three more days that the sheep would turn up, and like the psychic said on the third day the sheep returned home(Wilson 18). During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries it was

common for people that were victims of a crime to seek the help of a psychic. These psychics known during this age as "cunning men" or " wise women" worked much like many modern day psychics do when trying to solve a case. The cunning man or wise women would often begin with a list of possible suspects that the victim had made or a

piece of evidence left at the crime scene, anything that would help them to be linked to thecrime or victim.

The cunning man or wise women might also help the cl...

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