Differences in Male and Female Communication

            An important issue between a male and a female is how they use their .

             communication skills to interact with one another. Everyday in our life we tend to think it .

             is not an important issue, but it is. Differences in male and female communication can .

             cause a lot of misunderstanding in a relationship. Unfortuanately, each side has had .

             accused the other of poor communication. Eventhough, there are miscommunications .

             now and then, there are always ways to works things out.

             Men, however, usually consider their communication skills as a strength to .

             achieved in life. Communications to men are a ways to avoid being pushed around or to.

             be put in a one-down position. Most of the average males are far less verbal than the .

             females. Therefore, the males often in a case tend to tune out the females' words. Men .

             often like to take control, gain power, and challenge other; therefore, communications .

             to them are sometimes can be related to how they acted.

             Females, on the otherhand, use their communication skills to foster a sense of .

             Support and understanding. Communications upon the females' views are a ways of .

             showing love and caring. Women always tend to take their time; therefore, they use .

             their communication skills as a ways of showing how they manage to think before they.

             talk. Women usually want to give support and confirmation when they communicate, .

             however, they concentrate on weather to remain aloof or not.

             The ways of communication between two sexes are distinctly different due to .

             differences of the brain cells. According to the Unversity of Science, men have more .

             neutrons in the cerebral cortex and while women have more nectropolis which makes.

             communication between the two differently. When a women make a statement such as, .

             "If I am accepted to this program, I will try my best,” however, the male might stated, .

             " When I am accepted to this program, then I will try my best.” This is an example how .

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