The Summary of the Story Romeo and Juliet

            Scene 1:One morning in Verona, two young servants of Capulet, Sampson and Gregory are joking around with each other with puns and friendly teasing. Suddenly they are confronted by Abraham and Balthasar, two servants of Montague. The mild joking and humor soon turn bitter, aggressive, and dangerous between the foes. It is not long before a fight inevitably breaks out. Benvolio, the nephew of Montague comes in and tries breaks it up, but ends up fighting with the hot-tempered Tybalt, and a riot erupts. The prince of Verona, Escalus, joined by the Capulets and Montagues, enters and stops the havoc. He warns everybody if another fight should break out because of this ancient blood feud, then they would pay with their life. Afterwards the Montagues speak with Benvolio about Romeo. Romeo follows his parents' exit with an entrance and talks with Benvolio about his love life. He is feeling depressed because of love sickness for a girl named Rosaline (a girl that he cannot have for she refuses to get together with anyone).(SPACE)Scene 2:That afternoon, Paris works on his hopes for a marriage to Juliet. He speaks to Capulet and tries to arrange a deal with him for Juliet's hand. Although Capulet respects Paris, he is still unsure, and ultimately, no agreement is reached. Paris is invited to a ball, which Romeo and Benvolio find out about from Capulet's illiterate servant who asks Romeo to read the ball invitation for him. Benvolio convinces Romeo to go to this ball with the intent to show his friend that there are many girls better than Rosaline, and thus lift him out of his depression.(SPACE)Scene 3:At the Capulet house that evening, the Nurse and Lady Capulet speak to Juliet about her marriage and her duties and responsibilities as a wife and mother. Lady Capulet persists that Paris would make an excellent husband, but Juliet does not seem to like the fact that her mother is so forcefully persuasive on the topic.

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