Different Views on Rising Gas Prices

             There are many different reasons why gas prices are rising so rapidly and it often depends on who one asks this particular question of. Many economic analysts share different views about the rise of gas prices and the media has also spent a great deal of time covering this issue. There is something about rising gas prices on the news, in the papers, and on the Internet almost constantly and it is difficult for Americans to avoid the issue or stop being reminded of it when they read or watch television, or when they get on their computers to look at the news of the day. It is also difficult for Americans to forget about this issue every time they drive their cars or pull up to the gas station because every mile they drive reminds them that they are spending more money than they used to be to make the trip to work, drive the kids to school, and countless other things. Every time they fuel their cars they are reminded that gas prices are still on the rise. .

             One of the strangest issues about gas prices is that, even though they are rising rapidly, the variance of how much gasoline costs per gallon on any given day across the country is fascinating. For example, gasoline may be $2.01 per gallon in Florida while the same gallon of gasoline would cost $2.55 in California. Naturally, some states seem to have more wealth than others but one thing is certain, and this is that gas prices everywhere, all across the country, are continuing to rise. Sometimes, there is a slight decline seen in gas prices and they might drop a few cents for a little while. However, this is usually only temporary and the gas prices do not stay at that lower level. Instead, they rise again after only a few days, and often they go higher than they were originally, before the slight dip in prices was seen. .

             Many people believe that the fact that America is basically at war with the Middle East right now is the reason that gas prices have risen so high (Joyner, 2005).

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