Education: The Most Important Treasure

            Many believe that education is the most important treasure that can never be stolen from anyone. I myself am among those who believe in this principle. As evidence, despite of the cost of distance education, I am willing to face the challenges that I must bear just to achieve my goal of completing further education.

             Aside from the challenges in balancing work responsibilities, studying, and time for family and personal life, I am aware of the challenges that I have to take to cover the cost of distance education. One of these challenges is to work harder than I do now. I know that I may need to obtain a second job, or even a third job, to be able to earn more to support the cost of distance education. I am also aware that I may need to become strict to myself with regards to spending. But, because of my determination to gain more knowledge and skills in the field of my interest, I am very prepared to face these challenges.

             I have already made plans to be able to successfully win over the challenges of covering the cost of distance education while achieving my goal of completing my studies. First in my plan is to obtain a second job, perhaps a part-time one, aside from my regular 8-hour shift job. If possible and if I find that I am still capable, I will even take freelance and extra jobs. By doing this, I can save money to support my study without having to lose my capability of supporting my other financial responsibilities and needs. Second is to have a financial/spending plan to ensure that I save the right amount for the cost of my distance education. .

             One may say that balancing these kinds of responsibilities is a hard thing to accomplish. However, I believe that with proper discipline to give priority to each responsibility, nothing that is in one's will and determination can never be accomplished. And for my endeavor of taking up distance education, hard work, discipline, good planning and time management, will serve as my tools in achieving my goal.

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