The Advanced General Aviation Transportation Experiments

             The University of Southern California has considered that 'Engineering' has a very important and significant part to play in the world, and that as the world progresses and advances are made in all spheres, as is happening today, the USC Viterbi School will have its own role to play in the general scheme of things. As this year, the USC Viterbi is celebrating its 125th Anniversary, there is cause for celebration, and to reckon with the changes that would be taking place in the world in the near future, and what the USC Viterbi can do to keep pace, or overtake these changes and developments and advances being made scientifically, technologically, and otherwise. As a matter of fact, in the early years, the School was concentrating its energies on the popular demand for engineers to create the world's fastest growing region, and aerospace and communications formed a major part of the agenda, and the adventurous spirit of exploration and discovery has been greatly enhanced in the School over the years, and this would stand it in good stead in the future. (USC Viterby School of Engineering celebrating 100 Years) .

             It must be remembered that Einstein's equation: 'E = mcmc (2)' created more than a hundred years ago, is as relevant today as it was yesterday, thus rendering it one of the most recognized icon of the scientific world. It is said that there is nothing one can do or think or create, without tapping into this wonderful and versatile theory, and it gives form to the world in which we live. For example, when one plays an MP3 player, he uses it, when he drives, he uses it; even when he is thinking, the brain uses it. (100 Years of Relativity, a look at the past may show the future) .

             The next few years may see the creation, the engineering, and also the advent of computer enhanced wind tunnels, laboratories, and technologically advanced research aircraft and space craft, with the involvement of systems engineering.

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