Reading Your Behavioral Style Assestment

            Based on the results, your behavioral style indicates that your behavior is average and normal as how other people usually behaves. Somehow, though, you are achiever who takes things seriously. This was apparent in the list of your tendencies which include "Seeing winning as an all-or-nothing proposition", and "wanting to do things the best way". However, your style of doing things and making things happen in the manner that you want to also show that you are a normal individual whose behavior is typical to how most people would behave. This was apparent when your assessment indicated that you are "The Impresser" who is less open and less direct and was perhaps caused by self-consciousness to what other people might say about you - a normal behavior that most people have.

             Reading your behavioral style assessment, the data shows consistencies. In that possible reasons or causes can be derived from some items in your assessment as causes of some of your behavioral styles. One, for instance, is you being concerned about looking bad and not wanting to win at the cost or hurting others, a reason why you may be less open and less direct. Another is you being an achiever and a hard worker, which may cause restlessness and short-temperedness during stress and when things do not go right.

             In general, I can say that your behavioral style assessment is very accurate about the things it indicates due to the consistencies between the items listed about your behavior. If you think that the assessment is not accurate, it would be right to perhaps make a review of your self as the assessment and how others see you may be right. Your personal behavioral style is also helpful because it does not only evaluate your behavior but also provide personal empowerment pointers for your behavioral improvements.

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