The Professional Ethics in Nursing

             Nurses play important roles in the recovery of patients. How they behave and how they display their learned ethics in the practice of their profession has somehow influences and effects on their patients' life. In view of this, this paper will discuss the significance of professional ethics to nursing practice. Moreover, general information on the nursing Code of Ethics shall be explored.

             Professional Ethics in Nursing and the ANA Code of Ethics.

             Nurses perform different tasks in their profession. Among many others, this includes taking care of patients, decision-making, as well as to act as patients' confidants. Technically, the duties of nurses are exposed to interaction with patients through provision of care and even the provision of emotional support to them. Hence it is important that nurses are aware of their professional ethics as well as the moral principles of their job. Professional ethics in nursing are codes of conduct that are quite different from the norms of behaviors. Rather, they are standards that are designed to suit the roles and duties of the nurses. Specifically, such codes of ethics for the profession of nursing are defined in the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics. .

             One of the codes of ethics for the nursing practice is the nurses' duty to provide service with respect for human dignity, regardless of the patient's social status, religion, nationality, or any factor that invites bias or pre-judgment to the patient. It is a nursing practice to ensure that patients are treated with respect and equally. Researches and studies indicate that this practice presents warm emotional feeling to patients, letting them know that they are being cared for, thus .

             resulting to the patients' positive outlook to recovery. .

             Another nursing practice code is the nurses' duty to protect the right to privacy of the patients. Information that is confidential in nature should not be disclosed by the nurses to anyone.

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