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Autocratic Leadership Style

1. Introduction to Autocratic Leadership

There are several effective leadership styles used to run organizations that can achieve their goals. The autocratic style basically tells employees what to do. This style is defined as excessively demanding, with one way of communication - from management to employee. Managers possess the power to coerce "subordinates" to accomplish the mission. Decision-making comes from the leader(s) and the opinion or input of the employee is not considered. Nevertheless, autocratic leadership can be useful in certain situations or types of business. At times, management must utilize this type of leadership to achieve important goals. This essay will argue that autocratic leaders are not always ineffective leaders.

2. An Real-Life Example of an Autocratic Leader

Autocratic leadership is a management style that places pressure on employees to produce a product, service or image. This style is remiscent of a "dictorship" but in some businesses or military organizations, this type of leadership is necessary. ...

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