China's Dynasty Rulers

            The Chinese Dynastic System Provided Safety and Security for the People of China.

             The Chinese dynastic system provided both safety and security for the people of China. United under one rule, the people worked together to create a successful community. Trying to isolate themselves from the rest of the world, they were able to build their dynasty without any outside help or interference. (Until Portuguese explorers arrived in China in 1514 AD.) Without any contact with any other societies, the Chinese were able to construct a unique form of government. Although some of their methods seem strange to us, you cannot argue with success. The Ming and Qing dynasties alone ruled China for roughly 450 years. In the next few minutes, we plan to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that our theory is correct. .

             The rulers of China's dynasties kept their people secure from harm posed by outside countries for hundreds of years. The Chinese did not want to have anything to do with the rest of the world. This want to keep their dynasties a secret prevented trading with other countries. This, in turn, prevented Europeans from setting up colonies in China and possibly threatening to overthrow the government.

             Confucianism played a major role in the development of China. The Han Dynasty, for example, had a government based on the religion. The Han Dynasty abandoned the use of cruel and unusual punishment, and established a school where candidates for public offices were taught the peaceful ways of Confucianism. The candidates were then chosen to office by merit. This made the government officials less bent on starting wars and conflicts and proved to be an affective form of government for almost two-thousand years.

             The Qin Dynasty provided excellent protection for its people. Qin Shi Huangdi, the ruler of the Qin, constructed the first parts of what we now know as the Great Wall of China. These walls prevented the fierce Mongolians from invading China and taking control of the government.

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