The Strength and Might of Women

            Recently, many women are engaged in various kinds of job, and they have been advancing in society. Moreover, it is quite ubiquitous among typical families that a mother works outside the home. In the article ¡° Should a Woman Work Outside the Home?¡±, the author Mohammed Akade Osman Sudan argues that a woman¡¯s rightful place in society is in the home. I disagree with the author¡¯s view that women should be confined in the household, and men should work outside; that women work outside the home could exacerbate many problems, which cause pernicious effects on society; and that women too are assaulted by the temptations of the world.

             First of all, both men and women should have equal share of their family responsibilities. However, the author states that ¡° It is the duty of the man to provide a secure shelter for the woman, and he must also provide for her financially'.Woman, on the other hand, has as her duty to take care of the man and his children within the home.¡± In old days, there weren¡¯t many places where women could work outside. However, nowadays, there are vast amounts of places where women can work. In most cases, the wages earned by the man can¡¯t support the entire family; thus, both parents must go to work in order to fulfill and support the family needs. The author also argues that women can¡¯t endure work, which requires physical strength so that they are not suitable for outside work. Nevertheless, when the American men, for example, went to other countries to fight during World War I and II, the women were left alone to provide for their family needs. Women worked very hard support their family by working in the factory for 11 hours a day making war supplies. Because factory work requires physical strength, in my estimation, women have proven that they too can endure manual labor.

             Second of all, the author wrongfully blames the women¡¯s work outside the home as the cause deterring men from getting jobs and kids from growing up the right way.

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