Role of Women in Modern Society

             Women today are coming forth in modern social trends. This feminism may appear too extreme and rather threatening to the male ego, yet the role of women in current society has drastically changed. Perhaps there is some explanation for their actions. Women are now regularly performing duties that were traditionally assigned to males. They are attempting to fight the continuing stereotype established during the earlier part of the century. The pretty image of the perfect fifties wife is rapidly evolving into a more suitable projection to accommodate their new role in today's society.

             No more than two generations ago, a girl was expected to abandon her academic pursuits and assume the role of a housewife. She would completely devote herself to the preservation of the female-oriented position of homemaker. As time has progressed, fluctuations in the economy have made it necessary for a woman to obtain a career in order to provide the essential funds to support and maintain a family. The income of one man is no longer enough to provide for a household in such an expensive culture. At the beginning, when women were entering the work force, they have proven that they are every bit as capable and qualified as men, therefore, they deserve equality in the world of spousal relationships.

             The issue of maiden names is the latest debate in the battle for women's rights. Until now, women have carefully achieved the right to vote, equal wages, and freedom of speech. The heart of the issue is tradition. Women were always expected to assume the surname of their husbands, perhaps because the husband was known as the main source of income and backbone of the family. Since women have become increasingly important, the value of the male last name has decreased. Also in their recent exploits, why shouldn't the male take on the female's last name during marriage? The question has been posed with many responses ranging from awkward to ridiculous.

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