The Influence of the Blues in the 20th Century

             The Influence of the Blues in the 20th Century.

             Have you ever had a question of where did the blues originate from? How did Rock and Roll develop? How does the blues effect us? Well everywhere people go and listen to the blues music has some influence in the 20th Century. Since the past twenty years, whites and blacks are now enjoying the blues in a more accepting manner. Throughout our days in life people listen to music that tells us feelings about the slavery. Overall, the blues early history and influence upon the 20th Century gives it justification. .

             During the 1500's to 1870, the world brought people from West Africa to their homeland. These people became slaves. When the ships brought slaves from West Africa to America, they also brought over their music. When ships gather lots of civilians in West Africa, they also brought griots to America. The griots are the same terminology a European wandering mistrel, but in a African sense. The griots spent their lives playing music in different places. Also, during the adaptation to the homeland, the griots made a change in their music.

             These changes are about hard times being in chains from the southern land owners. Songs were made about the auction blocks, seperation of family, and harsh treatement of land owners. Therefore the blues came from the work fields in the southern United States. However, the soul of the blues became more popular when the slaves were freed from Emancipation Act of 1863. The freedom did not give them a heart, though the songs gave the blacks a soul. This is Blues music.

             These landowners realize the slaves became free, and the southern politicians made new laws to restrict the blacks. This threat to suppress the African culture brought these griots to fight back the discrimination. The griots would not let these suppression laws destroy their values and experiences of their motherland.

             After the civil war the blues became known as "a distillate of the African music brought over by slaves.

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