The Role of Media in Democracy

            "Media is used to provide information to large audience, such as the general public. These forms of media include newspapers, magazines, motion pictures, radio, television and new media.”.

             From the mankind's earliest days, humans have tried to transmit ideas to one another in a clear and easy way. First such an exchange took place in the form of inter-personal communication. One person told another person something. While this was good for small groups such as families and small villages or tribes, the growth of human population made it necessary to change the structure. The difference that the mankind chooses was the mass communication. The transfer of one idea to many people, started way before 3500BC, however the beginning of mass communication and journalism is with the Sumerians. .

             In the first 5000 years of journalistic history, innovation came slowly. However, the discovery of paper by the Chinese and the improvements in literature by the Greeks allowed for better innovations later. "A printing press can not exist without something to be printed, and without something to be printed upon”. .

             In the 250 years after the innovation of the printing press, western printers began to grow and expend their influence. Gutenberg with his press began a printing revolution. Also in Germany, over 1590 years after Gutenberg, a regularly printed newspaper appeared for the first time. In 22 years, one form of mass communication was born on the pages of a French newspaper.

             This fact clearly shows how many people look for information and news. In addition, the beginning of printing press gave way to advertising to have an important place as it now enjoys; its origins start on the pages of a French newspaper 400 years ago. .

             In 1639, the first printing press came to colonies, and within 100 years the colonies had many newspapers. The desire for information was stronger in colonies, than Europe, simply because people in the colonies lacked information in all kinds.

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