The Impact of Media on Society

            Media has played an important role in our society and will continue to influence and shape our culture for ages to come. Three very prominent and diverse decades illustrates how media has influenced our culture. During the time periods of 1905, 1930 and 1950, media has played an important role in technology, society and politics. Three articles from the New York Times will show and explain how media has shaped our society. The history of media has many cultural contexts. During three different generations (1905, 1930, 1950) media has provided a technological, cultural and political influence on America, particularly New York City. .

             On March 12, 1905 the article in the New York Times titled "In the World of Music and Music Makers,” illustrates how media shaped our cultural and aesthetic interests. The musical public of New York City has vastly increased in recent years and is constantly increasing. The number of musical performances is much greater than it was in the past. However, the number of such performances cannot permanently go on increasing without a corresponding increase in the audiences that support them. Due to the increasing population of New York City by the hundred thousands yearly, solves the potential shortage of audience members. The musical activities of season after season and especially the educational ones are increasing and developing the public taste for music. The "young people's concerts” are also bringing up a new generation interested in music. Music has played in important role not only in the early 1900's but it continues to play a role today. People are influenced by the various genres of music they listen too. Especially during the adolescent stage of life, music can play both a positive or negative role in their life. Not only is the music the basis for such influence but the artists themselves. The musician is often times acting as a role model.

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