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Paper on Gender Stereotyping

I believe gender plays an enormous role in our future endeavors and pursuits. Being male or female has their own set of expectations. For example, the greatest musicians, doctors, and scientists are generally males. Since being either gender has no influence on intelligence, I can only conclude that society has a stereotypic behavior. This significantly hampers or encourages results from males or females. Other stereotypic attitudes include the physical ability of females to accomplish tasks. It is generally conceived that males are stronger and more athletic than males; this may not be necessarily true. Another thing society sees, is that females are usually more conscientious about their appearance. An example is when females put on makeup, and spend copious amounts of time on their hair. In general, society shows much stereotype towards different genders, in which much is not true, or at least not to that fullest extent.

This first point I would like to make, is how people in general believe that most great accomplished people should be male. I think that upon taking a survey most people would feel more "comfortableaE...

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