The Excitement on The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes a Suspenseful Book

            The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is an exciting and suspenseful book. In the book there are two crimes committed. Clues are given but the average reader won't look at them close enough. The first story includes a lady named Helen Stoner whose sister mysteriously died. A few nights before Helen's sister, Julie, was supposed to get married, they heard a whistling noise. Both Helen and her sister thought the sound was made by gypsies. Then in the middle of the night Julia died. Before she died, Helen's sister said something about a peckled band. A few years later, Helen went to talk to Sherlock Holmes because she was afraid for her life. She was going to get married and was forced to switch to her sister's room due to wall reconstruction. After she told Sherlock Holmes and Mr. Watson the story, they went to inspect the house. Immediately Sherlock saw that no repairs were really needed on the wall. Next he checked Julia's old room. Sherlock Holmes noticed that the bell rope was a fake. He also noticed a ventilator that was connected to Dr. Roylett's room. He then went to scout out Dr. Roylett's room. Sherlock observed that there was asmall saucer of milk and a safe. After inspecting the two rooms, he made a plan and retired in a hotel across the street. When Sherlock saw that Helen's signal, which was a light in her window, Holmes and Watson rushed to Julia's room and waited. Holmes thought he saw a snake come through the ventilatorand he attacked it with a cane. The snake then retreated into Dr. Roylett's romm on command. Holmes, Watson, and Helen then entered Dr. Roylett's room and found him dead. Sherlock explained that Dr. Roylett would have lost one third of his income if his daughter, Helen or Julia, married. Sherlock Holmes also explained how the docter trained a snake to go through the ventilator, attack a person, and then return to him on command by blowing a whistle. He rewarded the snake with the warm milk.

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