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Romanticism in The Romantic Time Period

The romantic time period took place during the 18th and 19th centuries with ideas that opposed previous periods. Romanticism was a period that rejected the principle of order, balance, and idealization that had symbolized Classicism in general. Romanticism was also to some extent a reaction against the Enlightenment and against 18th-century rationalism and physical materialism. Romanticism was more of a spontaneous art that focused on the person or subject with fluent emotion and imagination. Some of the greatest painters from this time period were Francisco Goya, Eugene Delacroix, and Joseph Mallord William Turner. These three painters each expressed their paintings though emotion, national ideas, and nature.

The Romantic time period was one that expressed emotion with bright colors that canceled out the prior ideals of order. One of the most famous painters from the romantic period was Francisco Goya. Francisco Goya was considered to be "the Father of Modern ArtaE...

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