Teen Pregnancy Concerns in Canada

            In Every Country, in every city teenage girls and boys face parenthood. These parents to be must grow up quickly in order to face the harsh realities of becoming a parent. Many teens don't know the history of teen pregnancy, the effects it has on society, the stress of becoming a parent, ways to solve the problem or even where to get help. The journey to parenthood is hard to avoid once it has taken the first steps forward.

             For many hundreds of years teen pregnancy was not problem as children as young as nine were married and had their first born shortly after they were mature enough. There was a problem though with any woman having children while not married, it was considered a sin. # In resent years teen pregnancy has been on the rise, the national average of teen pregnancy including abortions is 48.8 %. This is up 2% from 1996. # Teen pregnancy has an effect on the person or people it comes into direct contact with but also on society it's self.

             The affects which teen pregnancy has on society is very great. Teen pregnancy effects the social institutions and assistance that was put in place to help people. With teen pregnancy on the rise these institutions are often called upon for money or assistance. Many cannot afford to have children and go on social assistance or welfare in order to raise their children. This is where poverty comes into play, and more often than not the cycle repeats it's self. Due to lack of knowledge. #.

             Society also looks down upon these children having children. Most people see these unfortunate teens as tramps and much worse because of one mistake. Also many think that the teens will raise their children in bad conditions and in poverty, this is not always the case. Due to the way society sees these teens many are afraid to ask for help, scared that they will be turned away and looked down upon.

             The stress that is brought on by pregnancy can be overwhelming to anyone let alone a teen.

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