The Art of Torture Base on History
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Going by the title of this paper you are probably asking yourself "How in

God's name can torture be seen as an art, were these people mentally ill?”

well it was, but I talk about that later, let me tell you a little about the

history of torture. Torture has been around since the times of Ancient Greece

and is still around today, usually in the Mafia. Other than the mob, torture

isn't very common in our society. Punishments aren't near as harsh as they

used to be back in medieval times. The only punishments we have now are jails,

the punishments there were in medieval times were numerous and downright inhuman.

Torture would keep criminal from doing something wrong again, assuming he lived

through the torture. The punishments we have today are laughable and dumb.

Big deal, you are thrown in prison for a few years, you don't suffer one bit,

but to the inmates, being thrown on a chain gang is so terrible. Being given

hundreds of paper cuts and being rolled in salt, now that's terrible and I'm

ct will never break the law again. Places like Singapore still

operate like this. It happened to that one teen who decided to spraypaint some

cars. He thought he could get away with it and he almost did, but he shortly

found out that he had a little pay-back coming to him. The kid was caned, and

he hasn't done anything dumb since. Torture like this works, torture is a way

that can really make you have second thoughts before you do anything stupid.

Torture was practiced in numerous ancient civilizations. Convicts and war

prisoners were put to death by using torture to give them a slow, humiliating

death. To some American Indian tribes, it is a custom to torment and burn prisoners.

Crucifixion was a popular torture technique in ancient Rome. Rome also used

torture to get slaves, criminals, just about anybody, to get them to talk about

secretive information. You see in these an...

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