Critical Studies on Art Galleries

             When I began thinking about the critical study I was not sure what movement or particular variety of Art to study. I decided a good starting point would be what types of art interest me and what pieces attract me when visiting an art gallery. The first thing that came to mind was four works that I had seen at.

             the Sensations exhibition. This led me to reflect on my experience of A-level Art as a whole. Particularly on how differently I looked at pieces through my physical and mental development in Art methods and styles. My approach has changed gradually. My method is to simply react to the subject I am drawing, giving it meaning through my own personal reaction to the subject. A-level Art has enabled me to look at art on a deeper level. From my own experience as a student and observing younger students I have noticed how they as I did, judge a piece of work merely on how good a likeness it is, no attention would be paid to the scale or composition. They tend to take things as face value and not read into the work. Throughout all the things that I have learnt as an art students I now cannot help looking.

             at a piece without finding things that give information on the meaning and point of the piece and sometimes the mood or politics of the artist. I feel in the change from GCSE to Alevel my work has developed and so has my attitude. My work now involves reasoning and thinking behind it. I see my work as an extension of my identity. It is maybe my interpretation or reflection on the way in which I see things. My past experience of art as forced me to look at art in a different way. It has to make me react just as I react when creating a piece. I tend to look at the reasoning behind an artists work and I always ask myself why. Why certain images are included, why the images are structured and placed in the way in which they are, why the colours have been used in the way that they have and ultimately how all these factor accumulate to give the piece mood, message, tone and emotion.

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