Predictions of the Future

            Brave New World is a classic novel by Aldous Huxley that tells of a prediction for the future. The events that occur throughout the story are quite frightening if one thinks that this could actually occur. From the time this book was written up until present day, some of the things Huxley predicted have happened.

             One thing widely discussed in brave New world is soma. Soma, in the novel is a drug that people are on constantly. This drug can be compared to alcohol, in a pill form and there are no after effects with soma such as headaches and vomiting. So many people using are using drugs in today's society for many different reasons. This just goes to show a similarity between today's people, and the people in Brave New World. The difference in the use of these two drugs is that today, in the United States the use of drugs other than for medicinal purposes, is illegal. Getting "high” is strictly prohibited in our country. In the Brave New World community, the use of soma is highly recommended and legal as well. Whether the drugs are legal or not makes any difference as to people using it. In two worlds, drug use is widely used.

             Human sexuality is a major topic discussion in Brave New World. Huxley describes a society where everyone belongs to everyone meaning this in a sexual manner. In the novel, monogamy is a forbidden word, and simply it does not exist. People do not get to know each other hardly at all before they give themselves away and sleep together. The word mother is profane, and hardly ever used. Today, people are more reluctant to sleep together after a first date taking into consideration pregnancy and sexual transmitted diseases. However, there is a similarity in this if you look at it from another point of view. Prostitution although illegal is exercised in the United States. Even though the morals are two totally different things between everyone belonging to everyone, and monogamy, people in both worlds bend the rules and slip away from what they are supposed to do.

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