A Full Description on Forensic Psychology

            Forensic Psychology is concerned with emotional and behavioral questions and issues that relate to law and legal systems. Forensic psychologists provide advice to legislators, judges, correctional officers, lawyers and the police. For example, one might be called upon to serve as an expert witness or diagnose and treat incarcerated and probationed offenders. They also screen and evaluate personnel in the law enforcement and judicial systems.

             Forensic Psychologist set up office in hospitals or wherever there is a judicial court, or occasionally work out of their own offices. They maintain a very busy schedule and must dress professionally. .

             There are not many openings for Forensic Psychologists, but since there are not many aspiring to become such, it isn't extremely difficult to find a job.

             To become a Forensic Psychologist you need to have finished graduate school. It is recommended, although not necessary, to intern for a couple of years. Most places wont hire you if you haven't had some experience.

             Some skills are required to being a good Forensic Psychologist. You need to be able o asses a persons character and dangerous/reckless potential. You also need to be able to enter a situation with impartiality.

             In this job you could make from 50-130 thousand a year depending on when you work and what field you're into. Keep in mind that the higher the salary the more competitive it is. (no really I'm serious).

             Forensic Psychiatry and Criminology are very similar to Forensic Psychology. Forensic Psychiatry is more about making a medical assessment about the person(s) involved. Criminology is more towards finding out the who, what, where, when, why, and how of the infraction.

             I, personally, am interested in this career because I find it to be very interesting and I feel that would be good at it. I find the human mind to be fascinating the way it works and creates the strange things it does.

             I feel that I would be good at this job because I feel that I have all the skills necessary, like being objective and a good judge of character; the two most important skills to have.

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