The Computer Products and Companies
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One hardware company that I chose to research is Jumbo Computers International. One of the oldest computer companies in the market, Jumbo Computers exported one of the first Personal Computers at the beginning of the computer era. Some of the products they specialize in are:

One of their new products out on the market is a fax/modem PC card. It is much more reliable than the previous card with high performance compatibility that guards against data loss between modem and windows-based applications. This is covered in our textbook in chapter 5 along with the other output devices. The website is

The next company I researched is Jaton Corporation, USA. They were founded in Taiwan in 1983 and then relocated to California in 1988. They are now one of the leading multimedia manufacturers. Some products that they design and manufacture are:

Their new product out on the market is an AGP 4X graphics accelerator card. This performs better than the last graphic accelerator because it has NVIDIA TNT-2 chipset architecture. It is much faster than the previous graphic accelerators. The picture shown has the new graphics accelerator card installed in it. This is covered in chapter 3 of our textbook. The website is

The last hardware company that I researched was JVC Digital Storage Systems, which is part of the lager U.S. JVC Corporation. It developed its own identity within the company and has proved to be one the top companies in the computer industry. Some of their products include:

CD-Recordable and CD- ReWritable Drive Literature

One of their new products a 10Mbps Ethernet Compatible Infrared wireless LAN System, a wireless network camera with a VIPSLAN-10 system. This is better than the previous because it p


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