Hazing on Fraternity

            Hazing Hazing Thesis: Hazing is a cruel way of being initiated into a fraternity. Signs that hazing might be occurring Definitions 1) Hazing: any act that embarrasses or harms ones health, in order to be initiated into a group. 2) Fraternity: a college organization. 3) Alcohol: a substance that alters ones mental ability. 4) Chapter house: a fraternity house. Introduction: Hazing is any action or activity which does not contribute to the positive development of a persons; which inflicts or causes physical or mental harm, which degrades a person, regardless of location, intent, or consent of participants. This action could or may intentionally or unintentionally endanger a student's admission to an organization. Unfortunately hazing has been a common practice across college campuses. "Many agree that hazing has no place on campus and should be eliminated."(Pledges vs. Hazing) Plain and simple, hazing can be dangerous! Not only does it kill innocent people, but mocks, embarrasses and tortures them. This causes physical, mental, or emotional harm, or distress. In New York State hazing is illegal. A person is charged with first-degree class A misdemeanor. "There are anti-hazing laws in every state except Arizona, Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Montana, Michigan, Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico, and Vermont."(Stop Hazing) Hazing expels and jails people and closes chapters and raises organizational dues. There are no winners in hazing. "This "tradition" that teaches "respect" for the group and its members should be replaced with another "tradition" education."(Hazing) Actions of hazing include, keeping dates and time of initiation a secret, making new members use separate entrances to the house. Paddling or striking, marking or branding. Phone duty, treasure hunts or road trips. Forcing exercise, forced to carry items such as Paige4 rocks, matches coins, books, paddles etc. Preventing class attendance or sleep, forced to eat or drink.

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