Figures of Speech in the Snooze Alarm

             My humorous essay on snooze alarms came easy to me when my roommate and I were talking to my family and letting them in on all the funny details of me waking up in the morning. I never thought that the way I woke up was funny until he pointed it out. Living in my own room by myself for almost my whole life no one was around to watch me wake up, so I had no idea it was funny. That is why I picked snooze alarms as my topic. .

             The various devices that I used were sarcasm, irony, and a lot of my essay was the truth. I just wrote down how it really is with a little twist of humor. I related my experiences with society and how things would work without an alarm clock. If we did not have alarm clocks how would things work? Would it be like the old fashioned days when people would go to bed when it was dark and wake up when the sun rises? I don't think that would happen! There are to many fun things to do at night and not enough things to do during the day. If we did not have alarm clocks then every one would want to sleep in till they were rested, and I think that is the way it should be. .

             I used some exaggerations in my essay like how I miss the floor altogether and crash onto the concrete floor. That has not happened yet but I have come really close to taking the dive. My roommate does not know how I make it off my top bunk, across the room, hit the snooze button, and back on my bed before he can even blink an eye. Sometimes I cannot even remember if I hit the snooze button or not because it happens so fast and so much! .

             In writing my essay on Snooze Alarms it made me realize that if I had an alarm that did not give me the option to make it shut up for a few minutes but get louder I would be in business. When I go to bed I am better judgment, because I know that I am not going to want to rush. The snooze button wrecks that whole plan, they make me late and that is why I hate them.

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