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Marine Biology also refers to Biological Sciences or Biological

Oceanography. Marine Science is the general term for research

conducted in oceans and coastal or inland waters connected to the

sea. This particular field is probably the best known to the public.

Marine Biology deals with the study of micro and living organisms such

as plants, animals, viruses, and bacteria in oceans, estuaries, and

other bodies of salt water. In the feild of Marine Biology you plan,

participate in, and administer research programs for government

experiment stations such as private research centers, manufactoring

firms, and medical service industries. Tools and equipment for this

career includes lab animals, X-Ray and other lab equipment,

computers, spectrophotometers, collections of specimens, and a

Starting no later than high school, a Marine Biologist should

obtain a solid education in as many basic sciences as possible

including chemistry, physics, and biology. Mathematics is essential.

Plane geometry, trigonometry, solid geometry, and two years of

algebra are recommended. Good English is no less important, for

both written and oral reports are a big part of Marine Biology. The

study of a foreign language, especially French, German, or Russian

should begin early. Degrees in this study are offered only to college

graduate students. Most entry level jobs minimally require a

Bachelors degree in a natural science from an accredited college or

university. Doctoral degree holders face competition for independent

research positions. Those with a Bachelors degree or Masters degree

in biological sciences can expect better opportunities for nonresearch


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