The Homo Sapiens are the Early Species of Man

             Between 3 and 4 million years ago anthropologists estimate that the first species of man existed. Over the years many species of man inhabited this world. The man types of man are said to be Homo erectus, Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon, Homo sapien, and australopithecines. As the earth evolved so did the early species of man, best they could, to try to survive. The species has to learn different ways of life including hunting skills, agricultural skills, and after adapting to their surroundings, they could soon organize their way of life into towns and cities.

             HOMO SAPIENS.

             Homo Sapiens which are human beings began an existence nearly 100,000 years ago. Evidence such as skeletons suggest that other living species similar to humans lived before humans, at least 4 million years earlier. The humans and the other living beings similar to humans are also called hominids. Anthropologists who study ancient bones and artifacts are studying the ancient being's diets, culture, and religion from any of the plants and animal remains that are being found.


             Anthropologists have named all of these pre humans australopithecines, "southern apes". The skeletons of these species have been found in Africa. Skeletal remains have shown evidence that these pre humans has a low brow, a long face, a large jaw, and hey also walked upright. One skeleton that had been found was 3 ½ feet tall and lived about 4 million years ago.

             HOMO ERECTUS.

             The Homo erectus was similar to the australopithecines but were larger, more like humans today. Home erectus had lived between about 400,000 and 1.6 million years ago. This type of species had an unusually thick cranial wall, a large jaw, and fairly large teeth. Below the neck Homo erectus and Homo Sapiens are almost identical, the head resembles a Neanderthals, but smaller. Homo erectus stood at more than 5 feet tall, made tools, and in making tools they were the first to make the first true hatchet and the hand ax.

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