The Female Characteristics

            What do you think when a topic gender comes in your mind? You probably go with what the society thinks, another word you believe in stereotype. Yes, a lot of people believe in stereotype about males and females. There is wrong assumption about males and females, that males are always supposed to be certain ways and females are always suppose to be certain ways. .

             There are many ideas that depict male and female sex roles. The one that I am most familiar with is in films, especially, in Indian movies. For example, they always demonstrate male as the main character or hero of the movie. They focus the male's whole life story. For example, good accomplishment and struggles. They focus the male's going through the bad and good times. For example, the movie Beta meaning son .

             Focus about the whole life of a hero from childhood to adulthood. .

             Another characteristic they show about the hero of the movie is that they are always mentally powerful. For example, they figure how to solve the major obstacles of the movie Gupt, the hero was the one who figured out who was the main suspect of the movie was.

             The third characteristic is that they are always physically powerful. They can always defend themselves as well as the whole society from villains of the movie through fights. For example, in the movie Khiladi, Akshay Kumar (hero) defends the whole society who was in the influence of villain. They never show their weakness from bruises and gunshots so they are the main character of the male hero of the Indian movie.

             On the other hand females plays totally different role than the male. For example, the female heroine or the actress in the movie are always shown for their physical looks. For example, all the Indian movies actress has to look best they can physically. They even expose their body wearing extremely short clothes.

             Another characteristic of the female in the film is that they always expresses as a weak person.

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