Female Sexuality in Music Videos

            Together with the songs' melody and lyrics, music videos are powerful tools that tattoo human minds with images that shape a person's attitude. Throughout the twentieth century, music videos have influenced various perceptions on the images of women. No matter what the women in the music videos are singing about, or what actions they are doing in the videos, there is almost always a sexual overtone. For women to be portrayed in this way has many consequences, for the images that we view in everyday life shape the way we think. Viewing a music video that has a woman being portrayed in an overtly sexual manner once may not have a very serious affect on a person, but seeing many different music videos all portraying women sexually, and seeing these videos over and over, does indeed shape a person"s mind to view women with much less respect than they would otherwise. This, therefore, is where the problem lies. Over time, seeing women being portrayed as sex objects will shape the way people in general view women. It will change how a woman sees herself, and how a man sees other women. .

             A big problem with music videos is that the visual is put to music. Every time a person listens to a certain song on the radio or on a CD, the images of the music video will pop into their heads. If one views a particular music video at least a few times a day, and also listens to the song on the radio or on a CD a few times a day, they are being presented with these images over and over. The younger a person is, the more these sexual images can affect them. Young adults are possibly the most influential group, for music videos are much more popular at this time in a person"s life. How a teenager dresses, acts, and talks can be heavily influenced by what they see. The main reason for this is because, at this age, a teen is constantly searching for what kind of person they are to become. Their self-esteem is low, and they don"t have much knowledge of who they are as a person.

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