Allen Ginsberg Criticisms Depicts in His Literary Works

             In his poem " America", Allen Ginsberg is disappointed in the "Country". He sees the country as being wicked and asks, " When will you be angelic ". To him, the country is not being honest with itself, and is hiding behind a mask. He is disillusioned by the crime rate and poverty throughout the country, and wants world peace. .

             Allen Ginsberg discusses the issues of free speech and civil rights when he says, "I wont say the Lord"s prayer". He sees the whole country being run by the media. He admits to being obsessed about the Time magazine and feels that no one can escape its spell including him. He is exercising free speech when he criticizes the American public as well as the government with regards to the cold war. " America when will we end the human war?" he feels that too many lives have been lost because of the atomic bomb. He freely confesses to having been a communist, and the country that was to insure him life, liberty, and prosperity was driving him to this. With this poem he is denouncing everything that is America, demonstrating free speech. .

             This poem was written at a time when homosexuality was a disease of a few. People"s response to this poem could not have been well. He uses .

             perverse and obscene language and openly admits to being a homosexual when he says, "I sit in my house.and stare at the roses in the closet". Also: his poem criticized everything that was considered honorable, such as nationalism and hard work. .

             Mr. Ginsberg is consumed with negative feelings towards the Russians. He reiterates "The Russia wants to eat us alive". He is against fighting and is concerned about the future and about the messages the people of America get from TV. He thinks that everything is too complicated and everyone is too serious. He does not want to hear about responsibility. He believes that everything is about money, and asks "when can I go into the supermarket and buy what I need with my good looks?" .

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