Drug Use amongst Young Teenagers

            More than 70 percent of 15 to 17-year-olds see high schools as a place where drugs are sold, used and kept. Almost 70 percent of 17-year-olds can buy marijuana within a few hours or even minuets and have friends who smoke pot or have a serious drug or alcohol abuse problem. Most of these teens find marijuana easier to buy than cigarettes or beer and claim drugs to be their number one problem, far exceeding social and sexual pressures. And to make things even worse, this type of behavior is on the rise and is disturbing the parents as well.

             But why are drugs so popular among teens? And why is the use of drugs rising faster than a helium balloon? To fully understand that, one has to understand why a person would use drugs in the first place. There are several reasons and each depends on the age group, situation and the person"s background history. .

             The first and most common reason why people use drugs is in order to reduce unpleasant anxiety and unwanted feelings (Brain & Mind 2). Feelings such as depression and anger. A group of philosophers described life as an emotional roller coaster, which always ends by death. Human beings are unwillingly thrown into it and constantly confronted by tragedy, depression and confusion. No wonder human beings are so eager to escape reality. .

             The second reason why people use drugs is in order to enhance bodily sensations such as hearing, taste and touch (Brain & Mind 1). Many drug users claim that during the use of their favorite drug, music sounds better, colors are brighter and the taste of food is improved, making everyday activities that much more fun. .

             The last and the less common reason why people use drugs is in order to increase psychophysical performances (Brain & Mind 2). In other words, to increase energy and reduce unpleasant bodily sensations such as pain and tiredness. This applies less to teens but more to adults for reasons being that young people already have enough energy.

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