High Rate of Teen Pregnancy

            The situation is as follow: A teen girl (anywhere from the age thirteen to.

             eighteen) finds herself in a sexual relationship with a male. The end result is the.

             impregnation of this girl. She is left in a predicament. If she feels that she cannot.

             handle the responsibilities she can either choose adoption or to abort the child. .

             But, which choice is better for her? If she feels she can handle motherhood, can.

             she give the child the care it needs? How does her partner and family feel about.

             the decision? These are all factors a teen needs to take into account when she.

             finds herself pregnant. When confronted with the issue of teen pregnancy, and.

             individual has the alternatives of abortion, adoption, or depending on the social.

             and economical expectations, raising the child.

             One popular choice for a pregnant teen to make is to have an abortion. .

             Despite the current protest against this procedure, abortion has its good points. .

             When done correctly, the number of pregnant teens experiencing abortion-related.

             complications is small. When the abortion is done early, there is less than one.

             complication in two hundred (Oettinger 89). Another instance is which abortion.

             may be the right choice is when the teen feels that a baby would change their life.

             negatively ("Pregnancy and Childbearing" 2). Many teens feel that the child can.

             ruin future plans that include going to college and having a career. The teens.

             who are happy with the abortion are those who have thought about the issue.

             carefully and decided they could not care for the child, acknowledged that their.

             beliefs about life do not go against the procedure, and taken into consideration.

             the feelings of those around them (Oettinger 84-85). A teen that has fully.

             considered the feelings of her partner and family has an easier time because of.

             their support ("In The Inner City." 2). A teen"s economic status also plays a role.

             in their decision.

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