Morrison's Distraught Childhood












             Jim Morrison is often thought of as a drunk musician. He is also portrayed to many as an addict .

             These negative opinions project a large shadow on the many positive .

             aspects of this great poet. Jim's music was influenced heavily by many famous authors. You must cast aside .

             your ignorance and look behind the loud electric haze of the sixties music. You must wipe your eyes and .

             look through the psychedelic world of LSD. Standing behind these minor flaws, you will see a young and .

             very intellectual poet named Jim Morrison.

             Jim Morrison's distraught childhood was a contributing factor to Jim's fortune and his fate. As a .

             young child, Jim experienced the many pains of living in a military family. Having to move every so often, .

             Jim and his brother, and sister never spent more than a couple of years at a particular school. Jim attended .

             eight different schools, grammar and high, throughout his schooling career. This amount of traveling made .

             it hard for a young child to make many friends. In high school, Jim had an especially hard time. The only real .

             friend he made was a tall but overweight classmate with a sleepy voice named Fud Ford. Although there .

             seems to be many negative aspects of Jim's child hood, many positive did arise.

             The traveling done by the Morrison family brought Jim through may different experiences and .

             situations. For instance, while driving on a highway from Santa Fe with his family, he said he experienced .

             the most important moment of his life. The Morrisons came upon an overturned truck of dying Pueblo .

             Indians. This moment influenced Jim and later became the basis of many of his songs, poetry, stories, and .

             thoughts. Jim Morrison's estranged childhood was the root underneath his bizarre personality. The negative .

             effects of his upbringing helped to mold Morrison into the person he would later become. Jim Morrison's .

             strange sense of humor and sickness were just fractions of his very intellectual mind.

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