Jacob Amman & Amish Religion



             -Jacob Amman derived the name Amish, he was a Swiss Mennonite bishop, and insisted that discipline within the church be maintained by shunning those excommunicated.

             -Hans Nussbaum was the original Amish founder from Alsace.

             -Maxmilien Robespeare ruled France, Germany and Alsace, and was involved in the Amish immigration to America.

             -William Overholt was a major Amish influence.

             -Abraham Miller was a major Amish influence in 1893.

              When:.


              Events Surrounding Beginning:.

             -The Amish officially formed in 1792 in Alsace, a small country between France and Germany. At this time there were roughly 5,000 Alsatian Amish people that were forced to leave due to their different views and chaotic conditions. Because of this the migrated to America to start from scratch. They built colonies and ultimately became united as a major religion.

              Major Beliefs:.

             -The Amish believed in a life where they take nothing more than needed, and if they need to be disciplined, than the person/persons are shunned by the rest of the community. The Old Order Amish are the most conservative. They dress very plain, including such fashions as using hooks and eyes instead of buttons to fasten their clothes. They ride in horse-drawn buggies, and the men grow beards. Marriage is only permitted with other Amish people. Most Amish people refuse to take part in civil affairs (voting and serving in the military).

              Practiced principally in:.


             -Alsace (Between France and Germany).






             -Pennsylvania (Most dominant Amish area).

             -New York.

              Number of Followers Worldwide:.

             -The Old Order Amish numbered around 80,800 (Early 1990"s).

             -The Beachy Amish numbered around 7,000 (Early 1990"s).

              Common Myths and Reality:.

             -Many people believe that the Amish live strictly on nothing. No electricity, cars, phones, or televisions. Although the Old Order Amish live very conservative, many current Amish people drive cars and have electricity.

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