The Muslim Society

             The Muslim society was very flexible in the terms of social mobility through religious, education and or military achievements. Most like parts of Europe such as Rome and Greece the Muslim society did contain slaves, which were brought from conquered parts of Spain, Greece, Africa, India and even parts of Central Asia. A Muslim was not able to become a slave. When a non-Muslim converted religion they were not granted freedom but their children were and also if a slave women married her owner she was then granted freedom. Slaves were used as housekeepers, skilled artisans and soldiers in war who were loyal and willing to battle. If a slave-soldier was in war they would want to make a great achievement because their freedom can be won over from a military achievement. Most slaves really set a basis of the Muslim society and therefore the Muslims granted the freedom of slaves many bought their way into freedom with help of state funding and donations from a charitable benefactor. .

             Merchants in the Muslim world were honored by the people because Muhammad had been a merchant. For some time during 750 and 1350 merchants somehow put together a trading network across the Muslim world. Islam"s trading network impacted all parts of the world, the network increased the spread of products and technology. Muslim traders brought back Arabic Numerals from India and introduced them into the western world. Another great trade with the Arabs was sugar which was also introduced from India and papermaking from the Chinese.

             Since the different worlds had different money systems the Muslims set up a banking system in which they set up partnerships and sold their goods and products though credits. The bank systems also endured the transaction of changing one form of money into an equal amount in the other. This system of money transaction impacted today"s way of changing currency over to another.

             The Muslim scholars were mathematically accelerated.

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