Controversies Surrounding the Patriot Act

             The attacks of 9/11 were very senseless acts of violence against the people of this great nation carried out by individuals who claimed to speak for an entire people. But despite this tragedy that took away innocent lives on that day, the people of this nation has proven to the world that we still retain the resiliency, commitment to freedom, and are united more than ever before against the fight of terrorism. However, as a result of these attacks, major changes came into effect which affected our lives forever by the implementation of the new law, the Patriot Act. Just about everyone has heard about the USA Patriot Act. However, most people couldn't actually define or described what it actually is. .

             What is the USA Patriot Act? The USA Patriot act is an acronym that stands for "Uniting (and) Strengthening America (by) Providing Appropriate Tools Required (to) Intercept (and) Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001 " which granted American law enforcement unprecedented rights to gather intelligence and abridge civil liberties in the face of the terrorist threat to the United States. It is a law that was signed into effect by President George W. Bush and passed by Congress on October 26, 2001. .

             What are some of the effects of the Patriot Act?.

             The Patriot act specifically reduced the restrictions that police and other law enforcement officials face when they search telephone lines, email communications, medical records, financial information and other personal information. In other words, it took away some of the privacy rights that US citizens held so that our country could be safer from terrorist attacks. Furthermore, the patriot act provisions allowed immigration authorities to detain anyone they felt could potentially be involved in a terrorist plot. The act also included safety precautions for domestic terrorism, so even US citizens could be detained if they gave government officials reasons to suspect them.

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